About mSquared Embedded Resources

mSquared Embedded Resources

mSquared's Role:

Design support for your embedded product's requirements and development.

Software Distributors: Representing multiple software solutions as your point of purchase, offering a first time customer discount.

mSquared Embedded Resources was conceived in 2000 to deliver an unparalleled program that addresses the requirements of product development and engineering services.

Founder and owner, Michael Mazzochetti, has been an integral contributor to product development and delivery for over twenty-five years. Starting as a software engineer developing data acquisition systems, he has joined several companies - most notably Hewlett Packard / Apollo (Domain Software Engineering Environment, DSEE) and Wind River Systems - that deliver product development solutions with software, hardware, and engineering services while serving in technical, marketing, sales, and support capacities.

The delivery of software products and engineering services is the domain of mSquared - providing high quality software components, development tools, platforms, integrated products, and high-impact consulting to meet demanding product requirements. We do this over the long-haul building repeat customer business.

mSquared – offers a value proposition that meets and exceeds your most exacting needs with a set of solutions - carefully selected with respect to performance, footprint, price, support, and engineering excellence. We welcome the challenge in a working partnership that takes you to the next level of industry leadership in your product offerings!