How we get it done...the Customer is FIRST!

mSquared's Role:

Design support for your embedded product's requirements and development.

Software Distributors: Representing multiple software solutions as your point of purchase, offering a first time customer discount.

We are a full-service provider to your software development needs. As you build your software we can assist with the right software tools, software source code, and hardware/software engineering services as you proceed through your product development cycle.

We do it with personable persistence to help you stay on budget, meet schedule, and deliver quality.

We know what it is to ask those probing questions and get back to you with timely answers throughout the development cycle. We work with you for the duration being your advocates while partnering with our software vendors to stay on task for you, our prospects and customers.

For our prospects, we provide all you need via phone, email, and conference calls to make a thorough, informed decision. Once you become a customer, the real work begins. We will be sure you get all you need to successfully implement your product development with our world-class suppliers.

mSquared draws on years of industry experience in the embedded development space. We would be happy to serve you as we join you in the challenge of creating superior embedded products that you can deliver to your customers.