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RISC processors | multi-core software development

Arriba Embedded Edition

For standalone embedded applications development, bootloader or kernel bring up debugging, the Arriba Embedded Edition provides a unified edit-compile-debug environment, complete with the GNU based C/C++ toolchain and libraries.

Key debugging features of the Embedded Edition include:

  • Support for C/C++ and assembly
  • Source and instruction level run control
  • Software/hardware breakpoints (on selected CPUs)
  • Support for all major embedded processors
  • Work with leading JTAG devices
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Arriba Embedded Linux Edition

Embedded Linux provides significant advantages to companies that wish to benefit from the wealth of software and expertise available from both commercial vendors and the open source community.

To fully embrace embedded Linux, users and companies must overcome the overwhelming complex challenges of developing and debugging software for Linux systems. The Arriba Embedded Linux Edition is designed to address this fundamental challenge through the following key features:

Preemptive and non preemptive debugging
Highspeed connectivity
Diversity in connectivity options
Patchless kernel and driver debugging

The Embedded Linux Edition is fully integrated with a prebuilt GNU cross toolchain, libraries, kernel sources, and root filesystem image and sources. Using the Eclipse IDE as the integration environment, Arriba provides a cost effective, one-stop-shopping alternative for developing that killer Linux application that you’ve been dreaming about.

Supported Architectures

  • AMD Embedded G-Series
  • AMD Bulldozer
  • MIPS R4K, 24K, 74K
  • MIPS 34K
  • MIPS 1004K, 1074K
  • ARM 7/9/100, Cortex-A Family
  • XScale
  • AMD64, x86, Atom
  • i.MX (PowerPC, ARM)

Arriba for Android

Complex systems using Android are designed and implemented as a mix of assembly, C/C++, and Java.

While Google encourages developers to create pure Java applications most, if not all, high performance and successful Android apps make use of native code. Yet, the Google Android SDK supports only Java debugging, requiring developers to tackle the challenges of native code development.

The Android Edition is designed to meet this challenge. By integrating the Google SDK with dynamic debug features from the Arriba Linux Edition, the Android Edition delivers a single integrated cockpit from which to deploy and debug C/C++, Java and native code.

The combination of Linux and Android with high-performance and multi-core embedded processors has pushed complexity beyond the level afforded by traditional embedded tools. The Arriba Product Family is designed to help programmers reign in complexity and develop high quality products in less time.

The accelerating power and complexity of RISC processors are rewriting the rules of embedded software development. In the changing climate of shorter product lifecycles and increasing time to market pressures, developers face the daunting task of continuing to deliver great products that exceed customers’ expectations. Since 1997, Viosoft® has been offering innovative solutions to tackle these challenges.

Multicore Debug & Profile

With Moore’s Law and the law of physics destined for a collision course, multi-core has been one of the approaches taken by processor designers to prolong this inevitable finale. The number of cores is increasing at a steady pace, and is predicted to be on a growth chart not too unlike that of CPU clock speed over the last 20 years.

To take full advantage of multi-core, an application distributes its workload among threads, which synchronize execution and data access with locks and semaphores.

The proliferation of multi-core has given rise to a number of deployment models utilizing Linux or a combination of Linux and RTOS’s for which traditional debugging techniques are poorly equipped to handle. Arriba provides an adaptive debugging and profiling methodology that is tailor made for the complex multi-core hardware/software environments.

Empowered by its ability to simultaneously stop and debug all cores, or trace through the execution of a single thread while the rest of the system is executing at full speed, multi-core software developers who leverage Arriba in their software development process can rapidly benefit from shorter development cycles and achieve higher product quality.

To see how Arriba can help you with your design, Contact Us for a comprehensive list of supported multi-core processors.

Embedded Linux Development Solutions

Widespread adoption of Linux in embedded devices translates to a demand for a robust debugger and development tools that are delivered at the highest level of integration. Viosoft’s embedded Linux development tools include full, royalty free source code of the embedded Linux kernel, bundled with a state of the art debugger, cross toolchains, and productivity tools, all integrated in a modern easy to use graphical environment. Available on both Windows and Linux hosts, Viosoft’s products are positioned to deliver complete debugging coverage of device drivers and applications utilizing threads and shared libraries, from a single debug connection over high speed Ethernet. Combined with Viosoft’s unique pricing policy aimed at achieving parity between software and platform costs, Viosoft’s products for embedded Linux empower more developers worldwide with low cost and high quality embedded development tools.

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