Multiprocessing creates complex software systems that can be simplified

“Mulitple Cores” = SOC or FPGA or a computational accelerator; a memory transport, or a wire, or a data movement accelerator – or another processor node or multi-core device

Topology Maps are configured to graphically depict multiple “nodes”

Tool generates C code and embeds library calls using a MCAPI standard for communication in closely distributed computing

Configuration effort REPLACES programming effort to reduce development time

Improve Software Development Time - with Configuration Tools

multi-core software development | multi-core platforms & devices

Improve Software Development Time

The PolyCore Software solution is suitable for ALL applications by abstracting the application communications from the hardware and OS elements. The hardware can be an SOC or FPGA or a computational accelerator - a memory transport, or a wire, or a data movement accelerator - or another processor node or multi-core device.

The abstraction includes the location of the application nodes, depicted in a topology map, as the tools generate program elements and assist the developer in adding MCAPI library calls for communications in closely distributed computing.

The programming task becomes a configuration effort, not a programming effort - for re-partitioning and “what-if” scenarios, saving you time!

Poly-Platform is a development framework, consisting of software productivity development tools and runtime modules. PolyCore Software’s programming model allows for the application to scale from one to many cores, using the same source code base.

  • Poly-Platform is integrated with Eclipse, resulting in a seamless development environment with other tools;
  • Applications can be quickly enabled for multicore and multi-processor architectures;
  • Poly-Platform offers assistance with memory organization;
  • Communication is normalized to send/receive across memory, bus and cable transports;
  • Poly-Platform supports the industry standard, MCAPI, Multi-Core Communications API;
  • This method promotes a fast start! The programming effort is converted to a configuration effort.

The framework’s graphical environment guides the developer through the application topology definition and a wizard based tool is used to insert MCAPI into the application. The developer can then enable and configure the application for multicore and multiprocessor platforms without writing MCAPI or communications code. Poly-Platform uses the configuration to generate the software elements leading to improved development time by 90% for the IPC (inter-process communications) development phase.

See the Poly-Platform Tool that generates a topology map at: