We deliver our Special Sauce!   What's it about...

  • Carefully has selected a winning class of comprehensive software products and tools.
  • Understands the entire problem space for the development of the OEM product.
  • Solution fulfillment with a combination of software and engineering services to meet selection criteria for all aspects of the product development.
  • Timely responsiveness for customers to make informed decisions during the entire OEM product development cycle.
  • With multiple software lines, maintains a big-picture view of the development life cycle, including budget, schedule, quality, services, and resources to deliver the product.
  • Advocates on behalf of the customer for each of the principal vendors represented.
  • Re-introduces a novel idea: we put the people element back into the equation, overcoming the depersonalized issues of voice mail, email, Internet searches, and shrinking trade show attendance.
  • Fosters the building of long-lasting business relationships remembering past experiences and anticipating new initiatives.
  • Challenges the status quo of current product development needs creating better value for our customers to build superior products.

mSquared's Role:

Design support for your embedded product's requirements and development.

Software Distributors: Representing multiple software solutions as your point of purchase, offering a first time customer discount.